We drive sustainable copyright enforcement business models that are in line with your brand & values.

A revenue engine built around your needs.

You need predictable and sustainable revenue.

Revenues from copyright enforcement are neither a free windfall nor a one-time effect. You should have a clear goal for how much revenue you want to make from copyright enforcement this year, next year and in the years that follow. We will deliver a constant flow of pursuable cases over a long period of time so that you can generate predictable EBIT contributions for your company.

You want full control of your cases and flexibility in how you pursue them.

Your cases belong to you and you decide how you want to pursue them. You either choose to work with one of our existing legal or money collection partners or we connect your existing partners to our platform. You decide for our technology but remain flexible in how you pursue cases.

The key to building a sustainable copyright enforcement business model comes from our core strength: we can deliver a constant flow of relevant findings over a long period of time.

Let’s rethink copyright enforcement.


Treat infringements as sales leads and generate new customers. Full control. No middleman.

You sense that most copyright infringements are not deliberate acts of stealing but mistakes of people who just did not know better? You may be right. Our solution PIXRAY Fair Licensing is the one-stop solution that helps you turn infringers into customers. Without middlemen. Full control. All communication directly hapens between the infringer and your sales team.

We are an experienced advisor to help you rethink your copyright enforcement approach.

We have helped prestigious agencies and photographers on three continents to design, operate and optimize their copyright enforcement businesses – often increasing their existing results by an order of magnitude. We’re up to the challenge.

What do our most successful customers have in common? They do not see copyright enforcement as a windfall profit but as a business model that contributes heavily to their EBIT and is expected to do so for the years to come.


“We had a copyright tracking provider in place for years when PIXRAY approached us and claimed that they could detect ten times the number of copyright violations. We were sceptical but PIXRAY delivered. A great success story for dpa Picture-Alliance.”
Andreas Genz
CEO dpa Picture-Alliance
You have an existing copyright tracking provider and would like to challenge the status quo – just as dpa picture alliance did?
Challenge accepted!
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