On the one hand you want the revenue from online channels. On the other hand you just don’t like the loss of control you experience in online retail. There’s just too many questionable stores out there that do not stick to your product communication guidelines and ignore your target pricing all together. Sound familiar?

The key is to establish strict control mechanisms to strengthen the selective nature of your online distribution. Sales and anti-diversion managers at leading brands need to have access to reliable and up to date information about existing sales channels for their products on the web. 

macbook showing webshop using image of tech product manufacturer unauthorized
pixray portal showing image search results list of webshops using the searched image of tech product manufacturer


Our DistributionID service gives brand managers, anti-diversion managers, sales managers and anti-counterfeiting departments at leading brands a constant overview of web sites selling their products online. Our service provides you with valuable and reliable information about existing sales channels – both authorized and unauthorized. With the information provided by PIXRAY DistributionID you identify web sites that do not comply with your guidelines for product presentation, pricing and communication. You will also discover shops that offer counterfeit products.

Only solid and continuous information allows you to make well informed decisions.

“DistributionID gives us valuable information on previously unknown and unauthorized web shops offering our products. It is thus a very helpful tool for selective distributors.”

Stefan Seidel



Keeping an eye on the web is a massive challenge that requires massive technology. PIXRAY’s DistributionID service crawls hundreds of millions of web pages every day and scans them for your products. We do that by visually scanning the pictures used on those web pages. To start, we only need the pictures of your products. We find all variations and manipulations of your pictures, for example product bundles represented in collages or shop logos added to your images. In most cases we also find pictures taken by third parties and even pictures showing counterfeit products.

The results are presented in our DistributionID portal, where you can analyze them. You can easily identify newly discovered websites and generate reports from recent findings. The system is well suited to support a multi-user setup with internationally distributed teams cooperating to process the findings.


Getting started is easy. Talk to one of our sales representatives today and find the right product configuration for you. You will be assigned your personal customer success consultant who will guide you through the initial setup and will introduce you and your team to the system through an online demo. Your customer success consultant will be your personal point of contact and will help you in your day-to-day work with the DistributionID System.

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