You know the great feeling of doing what you love? We certainly do.

What unites us as a team is our drive to create the best possible solutions for our customers. Our strength comes from our ability to turn revolutionary deep-tech into amazing products that solve business critical challenges for our customers. Combine all that with our passion to create meaningful customer interactions and you understand the essence of PIXRAY.

Our top product? Successful customers!


Being Kind

We treat each other, our partners, and our customers with fairness and respect. We believe this is the only road to success.

Putting the
Customers First

Everything we do begins with one simple question “Does this support our customers in the best possible way?”

Being Accountable

Regardless of our roles, we know our contribution to the bigger picture. We hold ourself accountable and take responsibility. We believe in intellectual honesty.

Raising the Bar

We constantly challenge each other to learn and improve. Stagnation is our worst enemy.


 Awesome images

Sophisticated math & deep technology

Excellent food

Our Team


Dennis Wetzig

Managing Director / Co-Founder

Dennis is Co-Founder and CEO of PIXRAY. He has a great deal of experience in the digital sector with a strong background in technology. Dennis founded eViato Mobile Messaging Technologies. He has previously worked for mediaWays (Telefonica), Lycos Bertelsmann, and MindMatics AG.

Maik Piel

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Maik is PIXRAY’s CTO. He specializes in the development of Big Data and web solutions. Because of his experience with computer networks and Linux clusters, Maik is in charge of the cluster administration at PIXRAY. He has a MSc in Information Technology from Potsdam University.

Katja Kanis

Customer Success Manager

Katja is Head of our Customer Success Team. At PIXRAY, she is the main point of contact for our customers. She studied Art History at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy and has lived several years in New York and San Francisco.

Benjamin Jankovic

Head of Research / Co-Founder

Benjamin studied Information Technology specializing in Artificial Intelligence at the Freie Universität Berlin. There he was part of the FU Berlin team in the DARPA Urban Challenge in 2007. Benjamin has been with PIXRAY since 2009, he is responsible for the development of our image analysis algorithms.

Anne Sawatzki

Billing & Accounting

Anne is responsible for all billing relevant topics at PIXRAY. She is a trained retail saleswoman with further training as an accountant. For more than 5 years Anne worked in the accounts receivable department of a global business law firm.

Hamidreza Momeni

Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

Hamid has obtained Sofware Engineering Bsc (Hons) from Multimedia University in Cyberjaya. He has a strong background in software architecture and design and he is well equipped with hands-on experience in a variety of software development stacks in Web and Mobile. Working in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe combined with a strong understanding of latest technologies has helped him to be a key player throughout his career. He specializes in Frontend, Backend, Mobile and Game development.

Tawfeeq Meeri

Junior Developer

Tawfeeq is a JavaScript frontend and backend developer. He has a B.A. in English Philology and Linguistics from Aleppo University, Syria.

Charlotta Heidorn

Customer Success Representative

Charlotta is part of the case documentation and customer success team at PIXRAY. Previously she worked for the library of the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg and the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS.

Khrystyna Kuziv

Junior Customer Success Representative

Khrystyna is responsible for finding curation and case research. She is currently pursuing a MA in Foreign-language Linguistics at the University of Potsdam.

Benedikt Toniolo

Graphic Designer

Benedikt is our man with an eye for design. For many years he worked as an illustrator and graphic designer at Tube20, an advertising agency in Ludwigsburg. Benedikt received his diploma in Animation from the Filmuniversität Babelsberg “Konrad Wolf” in 2015. His works include the music video “Do Animals Cry” by the Indie pop duo SEA+AIR.

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We are always looking for people who fit to us! Feel free to contact us and send us your CV. Information on vacancies can be found under Jobs.


At the core of our company is our revolutionary picture tracking engine. We run more than 200 machines in our data center to crawl around 200 million web pages per day. We analyze tens of millions of pictures every day. Our picture comparison engine is mind blowing. We are true nerds and we just love to run a platform that makes massive amounts of visual data accessible by employing sophisticated math, smart software and tons of hardware.

You guessed it: we’re nerds and we’re proud of it.